World Economic Forum – A Day to Remember for Pakistan

World Economic Forum 2020

It’s an honor for Pakistan at World Economic Forum. The first time in history the Prime Minister of Pakistan will chair the meeting of World Economic Forum on Wednesday 20, 2020. Before him, no other Pakistani Prime Minister has that privilege. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan will address the meeting. It is an important and emergency meeting called by the World Economic Forum.

Khan will brief the forum about the steps taken by the government of Pakistan during this Covid-19. Also, he discusses the situation that occurs due to the lockdown and how government of Pakistan helps people of Pakistan during this difficult time.

Shahbaz Gill about World Economic Forum

During his speech at the World Economic Forum, he will discuss giving relief to the weaker section, on providing temporary jobs and the progress of the tiger force. He is aiming to raise the tiger force project at the World Economic Forum as one of his major steps from the prevention of COVID-19.

He’ll discuss the 1 Billion Tree Project by which he is aiming to create about 200K jobs in Pakistan and also discuss the Green Gaurd Project by which sixty thousand jobs will come in Pakistan. At the end of the discussion, khan will give his suggestion that how can world fight against the CVID-19 Pandemic.

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