Huawei 5G and US Ban | The Year 2020, A New Race of Technology

Annual Three Day Summit of Huawei Technology

A few days back Huawei conducted an annual three-day analyst summit mainly focus on 5G and U.S. sanctions. Although this summit held every year this time summit has more importance than the rest of the years not just because it was conducted online but because it was held just three days after the U.S. government impose new sanctions on Huawei.

On Friday 16, 2020 the U.S. Department of Commerce announces new rules & regulations for those who are using U.S. software or technology to do business with Huawei. According to these rules, no one can do business with Huawei without the specific approval of U.S. government. This move seems to be taken because Huawei is selling Kirin Chips manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. After these issues with U.S. Huawei chairmen Mr. Guo Ping said “we might face difficulties and our business may be affected due to these bans but we will find a way”

Mr. Guo Ping sharing his thoughts on 5G and US ban during Annual Summit of Huawei Technologies
Guo Ping, rotating chairman of Huawei Technologies Co.

Ping addressed the issue at the start of the summit, admitting the move will inevitably affect Huawei business, but added he is confident Huawei will find a solution.

During Annual Three-day Summit

Before this hardware ban, Huawei had been facing a software ban from U.S. government for more than a year due to which Google no longer working with the Huawei. After that Huawei invest more than 18 billion in R&D & for the development of the ecosystem. Gou said, “he is interested in collaboration and good relations but these sanctions lead to the fragmentation of tech and telecommunication industry”.

Most of the participants share such views and it indicates trade war tension between U.S. and China. As Gou said, “The U.S. continual well does not lead to Huawei close up but instead we will work more freely and work with other partners”. To that end, Huawei is the partner with the European software companies and it seems that they are planning to make their own mapping system. But at the same time, U.S. has very strong ties with the European now it is interesting to see how these two giants of technology move forward.

We are living in a digital era and war also shifted to another level. Huawei 5G technology is also one of the new era wars between U.S. and China. It’s a war of trade and Power whoever wins this will be the next Super Power of the World.

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