Corona Virus Symptoms | How can you save yourselves from this?

Corona Virus Pandemic

The spread of the Corona Virus continues all over the world. According to an estimated no. of affected people due to this pandemic around 7.5 million all over the world. Out of these more than 0.4 million people died due to this Corona Virus Pandemic. If you take a close look at the Pakistan situation, around a hundred and fifty thousand people are affected by this and more than two thousand are dead by this Corona Virus.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

Information Chart of COVID-19
What is COVID-19

Corona Virus affects the lungs first and two main manifestations of this Fever & Dry Cough. According to the National Health Institution of UK it means you cough continually throughout a day by which you feel like rashes in your throat. It can result in shortness of breath which can be dangerous for you especially for those who already facing any other health care issues. Along with this symptom if you are feeling fever and you feel shudder it means you have COVID-19 symptoms in your body.

Live Update: COVID-19

Apart from these some other symptoms were found in COVID-19 patients like; sore throat, headache, and diarrhea. Generally, after five days these signs appear but in some people, it appears a little late. According to WHO (world health organization) it overall 14 days to show complete symptoms – Infected to complete symptoms appearance.

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How can you save yourselves?

Safety Mask for COVID-19
Safety measures of COVID-19

WHO says:

  1. Wash your hand for at least 15sec
  2. While cough and sneezing use tissue paper and wash your hand instantly
  3. After touching any commodity please don’t touch your face, eye, and nose. Maybe that commodity have gems of Corona Virus and it affects you too.
  4. Don’t go near to those people how are coughing and sneezing. Keep one meter or three feet distance from them.
  5. If you feel not well then stay home and call for the aid also try to follow instructions.

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